How To Build A No-Code App With UI Builder
In the first of our series of articles about the brand-new UI Builder, we demo the creation of a no-code To-Do app in Backendless. The Backendless UI Builder is one of our favorite new features in Version 6. UI Builder is a no-code, drag-and-drop interface for building the frontend of your app.

How to Use Message Selectors for Conditional Delivery in Pub/Sub Messaging

Another article we wrote gave an introduction to Backendless pub/sub messaging which included a sample for broadcasting and receiving messages. Today we are going to show how to use Backendless messaging for conditional message delivery.

How to Send Pub/Sub Messages From Backendless Console

In another post, we introduced you to the publish/subscribe messaging API. The API can be used to broadcast messages that can be received by multiple client apps. Note: It is important to distinguish between pub/sub messages and Push Notification messages. There are a number of technical differences and purposes where an app should use one…

How to Deliver Conditional Messages With Subtopics

In another post, we described a feature for conditional pub/sub message delivery using SQL selectors. With that (selector) approach, the publisher must attach headers to the message and the subscriber uses an SQL-based condition that references header names and values. In addition to selectors, Backendless supports another type of conditional delivery – subtopics.

How to Send Email From Your Mobile, Browser, or Desktop App

Sending an email is a very common operation for many applications. For most of them, it is the server-side that is responsible for delivering an email message. Backendless makes it trivially easy to deliver a branded email (meaning it will look like it was sent by your app) in the plain text or HTML formats…

Intro to Basic Publish/Subscribe Messaging

Publish/subscribe messaging has been around for a long time. The concept is rather simple – a program can publish a message to a queue or a topic, while another program subscribes to the queue or the topic to receive published messages. There are a lot of caveats in the model such as conditional delivery, message…