Professional Services

Our expertise is at your disposal

Backendless Professional Services is a prestigious group within the company specializing in custom development projects. Our expertise ranges from user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design to building turnkey solutions for complex enterprise projects.



Parse to Backendless App Conversion

Following Facebook's shutdown of Parse, many developers chose Backendless as their mobile backend platform. We have assisted in conversion of numerous apps and developed extensive experience in the app conversion process. Let us help you migrate your data and modify your app to run smoothly with Backendless.

App Development

Do you have an idea for an app? Let us help you turn it into a reality. We follow the principles of the 'User Experience First' methodology in creating engaging, interactive, social mobile apps for a variety of operating systems.

Integration Projects

System integration goes way back in the history of our company. Over the years we have completed several dozen integration projects which included technologies such as OpenStack, Hadoop, Cassandra, AWS Stack, MQ messaging, J2EE application servers, Salesforce, SAP, ActiveDirectory/LDAP.

Backendless Platform Customizations

Backendless is a highly customizable platform. With the ability to run anywhere, it can be a great fit for many different scenarios and applications. We offer customization service so that Backendless can support your business scenarios and workflows better.

Single Page Applications

Our team has vast experience in a variety of technologies used to create single page applications (SPAs). These technologies and frameworks include AngularJS, React, Meteor.js, Node.JS, Bootstrap. We have build over a dozen of browser-based and mobile-friendly enterprise, line-of-business applications.

UX/UI Design

Effective and enjoyable use of an app does not just happen. It is a series of tasks with the goal to optimize your product where the end user does not need to think. We apply this thinking in the design of our own product and would be happy to help you with yours.