Springboard Plan Shortcut

September 23, 2021

Dear Sir I made one time payment of $50 for the spring board(SB) and accidentally deleted app thinking I can create another app. Do I have o pay another $%0 to be on the SB plan. Do I have to pay $50 for every new app created under the SBplan

Denis Voronov
September 25, 2021


I completed missions and unlocked the SpringBoard plan.

Then I deleted the project (which was essentially empty and used to go through missions).

Now I don't have a SpringBoard plan. Is it possible to return it? (project with SpringBoard tariff plan) Or assign this tariff to a new project?

Thank you!

September 28, 2021

We have unlocked an opportunity to select the Springboard plan. Please go to the MISSIONS tab and select the required app.

Regards, Marina

October 4, 2021

Hi @Brad Scott , once you purchase the Shortcut, you can activate the Springboard plan on the Manage > Billing screen of Backendless Console.

September 28, 2021

Hi, @Denis Voronov, have you seen this message when deleting the app:

You are about to delete your application. The application is on the Springboard plan. If the application is deleted, the Springboard plan CANNOT BE transferred to any other application. For all other applications, the Springboard plan can be obtained by purchasing "Springboard Shortcut" from the Backendless Marketplace. Would you like to proceed?

December 14, 2021

@armant please check the Users → Security tab. You can reset the global security settings from that tab.

September 24, 2021


I’ve answered you on the support forum. Let’s keep the further conversation there.



Denis Voronov
September 28, 2021


And I don't even know what to say ... Just a big "THANKS"! I didn't believe this would happen)

You are best! Like the whole backendless team)

December 14, 2021

Hello @armant,

Please delete all tables for a fresh start.

Brad Scott
October 1, 2021

HI, I completed the missions and unlocked the springboard plan but am failing to see how to apply it to this app. I already PURCHASED the springboard plan for a separate app on my account.

Denis Voronov
September 28, 2021

Hi, @marinar !

I find it difficult to answer.

Perhaps I did not pay attention, hoping that the tariff plan will remain on the account.

Maybe it is possible to restore at least the project on which it was activated? 😢

December 14, 2021

@olhadanylova what about all the security setting and all other changes made during training/missions? Unfortunately I can’t remember them all…

December 14, 2021

Hi @markpiller,

I’m enjoying your missions looking forward to the rest to come.

You guys have really done well with how the missions are structured and kept things simple enough to understand, the BBs and the experience points was a nice touch as well.

I have a suggestion for you, if your open to it.

My understanding is that you built this missions training to get more citizen developers to get more familiar with your platform, so they can be empowered to build awesome apps for their organization.

So my suggestion is that everyone get one “training app” to do the missions with a scratch patch if you will, and another to build a proof of concept with to be used to motivate it’s implementation.

With the missions not done yet one has to hold on to the one free springboard account to be able to continue with the missions as I noticed a lot of missions build off of previous ones, or maybe that’s just my OCD side of me that want to keep things neat and organized.

Secondly, there is no factory reset button on an app, so we can’t really start fresh after the training, which in turn negates the purpose of the missions, after all seeing as you want us to build awesome apps.

If need be I’m more that willing to give up the free shirt for another springboard plan, even though I was looking forward to getting such swag merch, but to be really honest it would mean a lot more to me to be able to apply what I learn and build awesome apps that could turn to cloud99 plans.

If I’m ignorant of the full context or missing something, please enlighten me.

December 14, 2021

Can one reset a spring board account to new like a “factory reset”?

September 13, 2021

I am loving It, BB has brought self taught coder like me what I envisioned 30 years ago, I just want pay my short cut fee and sum right in though I will still do missions to get the hang of BB and UI builder.

I was always being grappling wi the the API s and the connectivity with front and back , BB has taken all that out and now I can just focus on my ideas or logic and pushing out what I want.

Just a thought- when UI builders truly gets Codeless ( although it is almost there) you might rename FRONTENDLESS 😀😁😎