Small Business Booking App


Scheduling appointments or meetings using a custom calendar widget can be invaluable for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re running a shop, salon, or consulting firm, adding an easy-to-manage calendar to your app or website can be highly valuable.

App Blueprints are more than just templates from which to build a specific type of application. We design all of our free App Blueprints to provide one or more key functions that a developer would want to add to their application, regardless of the app’s business use.

The Small Business Booking App Blueprint was designed to enable you to see how to configure a scheduling tool for your apps. The entirety of this app blueprint was built without code using Backendless’ UI Builder.

October 29, 2021

Templates like these make it so easy to get a MVP up and running to test and show customers. Great way to get going with your application. Give it a try.