Shipping and Tracking App


Backendless utilizes relational data models to improve database performance and allow users to recreate real-world relationships. The Shipping and Tracking App Blueprint showcases these capabilities in action, with the help of custom Codeless APIs.

App Blueprints are more than just templates from which to build a specific type of application. We design all of our free App Blueprints to provide one or more key functions that a developer would want to add to their application, regardless of the app’s business use.

The free Shipping and Tracking App Blueprint showcases how to present data from multiple related tables using custom APIs. The entirety of this App Blueprint was built without code using Backendless’ UI Builder.

The app heavily relies on relational data to connect table objects in a way that best represents the real-world. To access the data, the app utilizes several custom APIs to present this data to users and administrators.