Draggable List


The draggable (Drag & Drop) list is a Backendless UI Builder component. This allows the list to be displayed. List items can also be dragged, modified, removed, and added. The component is customizable, you can enable or disable actions with it.

Alex Klein
February 12, 2023

I cannot understand how this component is supposed to work… upon adding it to a page, I see “+” to create a new item in list… but the new item doesn’t appear (?!) and after creating a new item, the “+” to create another item is gone. When setting item list in “item list logic” with objects that have objects with key/value pairs “label”: “string” and “value”:”string”, items appear on the page… but with no content displayed.

Please include a proper “read me” that explains this component. As it is, it’s not useable.