10 GB of File Storage

Increases the Backendless Hosting file storage allocated for your backend by additional 10 Gb.

Backendless Support
October 4, 2021

@Ehsan Jahandarpour , an application must be on a billing plan - there are three to choose from: Springboard, Cloud9, Cloud99. You can manage your app’s billing plan on the Manage > Billing screen of Backendless console.

When the trial expires, you need to choose a billing plan so the app can continue to function. Selecting a function pack (like this one “10 GB o File Storage”) does not select a billing plan, but expands your file storage capacity.

Ehsan Jahandarpour
October 4, 2021

Hi guys,My trial has ended and i would nee to use the files only, at least for now.If I buy the 5$/m package for my storage will they be accessible again. currently they are set to be seen publicly, but because of trial end all are restaicted