Mastering Backendless Database
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The Panel Component In UI Builder

Review the Panel component, its structure, and the differences between it and the Container/Row/Cell structure. See visual and behavioral properties in action.

Two Directional Data Binding In UI Builder

Review the process of using two data binding approaches in the same Container component by creating an Image Gallery app with two separate data bindings on rows.

The Row Component In UI Builder

The Row component is the foundation of the Container component. See a demo of creating an image gallery using the Dynamic List Behavior of the Row component.

The Container Component In UI Builder

The Container component can be used to create grid-like layouts. It can have a fixed number of rows or with “Dynamic List Behavior”, it can render content dynamically.

How To Exchange Data Between Pages

When you build apps without coding, a mechanism must be in place which lets you share data between the pages. This mechanism in UI Builder is called “App Data”.

Types Of Logic – Events And Handlers

Events execute in response to user action or interaction with a component. Handlers are executed when the UI re-renders in response to data model changes.

About Data Binding In UI Builder

With data binding, you can control components’ visibility, clickability, internal or visible state, render complex views, gather and submit form data, and much more.

Introduction To Codeless Logic In UI Builder

Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for expressing the logic executed in your app, such as retrieving data from the database, controlling the state of the UI components, etc.

Previewing And Publishing Your Codeless UI App

One-click preview is available for mobile and desktop browsers. When you publish, UI Builder packages and compresses the app and deploys it to file storage.