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Cloud Code
May 24, 2017 by markpiller

We provide a feature rich system for deploying custom server-side code to the Backendless servers. Every single API Backendless offers can be extended with a server-side event handler containing your code. It means you can add your own Java or JavaScript code which will be triggered before or after Backendless handles the API call. Your code can do anything that’s needed by your application and it also can use the Backendless APIs on the server-side.

In addition to event handlers, you can schedule custom server-side jobs (timers) to run your Java or JavaScript code. Timer scheduling system is very flexible and lets you run the code as frequently as every minute.

Developing Cloud Code with Backendless is not only easy, it is a fun and exciting process. You can generate the Cloud Code event handlers and timers in the developer console, edit the code and deploy all in the browser. Additionally, the code can be debugged on the developer machine – a truly unique feature of Backendless.

There are a lot of advantages to placing the business logic of your application into the server-side:

  • You can centralize the logic in a single place.
  • You can easily update the logic and the changes will be visible to all clients without updating the app on the devices.
  • You can consolidate multiple API calls into a single API service and minimize the client-server round trips for the client app.
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