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Feature 108: Changing user’s password via API, if user cannot login (Paid Plan)
April 26, 2015 by markpiller

Previously I wrote about the API to send a temporary password to a user (restore password). With the free plan the API sends a password generated by the backend system. However, with a paid plan, the same API works differently. Rather than sending a computer-generated password, user receives in an email a link to a customizable page where they can choose their own password. The webpage which Backendless uses by default is loaded from the file storage allocated to your Backendless backend. You can see it at the /web/templates/change_password/ directory:

When the user clicks the link in the password change email, they are presented with the following form (this is the form from the file shown above):

The text of the email can also be modified. See the instructions from the post on how to change the text of the email for password recovery.

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