Mastering Backendless Database
Learn the ins and outs of Backendless Database, our robust and scalable visual relational DB, with this free video course from Backendless CEO Mark Piller. New videos released weekly, so leave your feedback to shape future parts!

Rapid Prototyping: A Practical Guide for Application Development Teams

Rapid prototyping has become an essential practice for application development teams looking to build better software faster. By creating early, scaled-down versions of an app, teams can quickly test and validate their ideas with minimal effort.

The Importance of Iterative Prototyping in Application Development

Are you tired of spending months developing an app, only to have it fail in the marketplace? The reason for this failure may be a lack of iterative prototyping in the development process.

Why Rapid Prototyping is Key to Successful Product Development

Stop investing time and resources into product development only to end up with a final product that falls short of your expectations. Rapid prototyping may be the solution you’ve been searching for.