Backendless 5

The world is real-time. Your app should be, too.

Backendless 5 is a major release of the platform with the focus on the real-time capabilities of the system. The 5.0 version delivers the real-time database and real-time messaging functionality for Android, iOS and JavaScript clients.

Backendless 5 is an evolution of the Backendless Platform. This 5th generation of the product is built on top of the previous major version and maintains a complete backward compatibility (except for small differences described in the release notes for the individual SDKs).

Backendless Database has been enhanced with the real-time capability. Applications can now subscribe to receive real-time updates when objects are created, updated or deleted in the database. We have updated the SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript to support the new real-time database APIs.

Backendless Publish/Subscribe Messaging has been redesigned to support real-time messaging. This means applications will no longer poll to receive new messages. Instead, Backendless will push published messages to the subscribers.


Real-Time Database

Get an overview and a demo of the Backendless real-time database. A system enabling mobile and web applications to achieve the next level of interactivity. Using the real-time database, multiple instances of the client app can have the latest data with minimal client-server traffic. This is made possible by pushing database changes to the connected clients whenever new objects are created, updated or deleted.

Real-Time Messaging

Backendless publish-subscribe system is now real-time. Backendless delivers published messages to the subscribers via push (it was the polling approach previously). With this video you will get an overview of the publish-subscribe system and a demo of a chat application automatically generated by Backendless.

Management of Cache and Counters

In this video you will learn about the new graphical interface for managing Backendless Counters and Cache. The video also includes an overview of how Counters and Cache work in Backendless.