How to Create a Chat App that Supports Images (Part 2)
In this series of articles, we are going to show you how to make a beautiful chat app that supports sending, editing, and deleting messages with both text and images. We will show you how to build a highly functional frontend (in this example, for iOS) that connects seamlessly with a Backendless backend. You can…

Run Backendless Pro in AWS

Backendless Pro is the limitless version of the Backendless Platform. You can install it on your development computer, your own data center or run in the cloud. Wherever you decide to run the product, all the functional limits which you’d find in our Cloud version are removed; thus, Backendless Pro provides the limitless capabilities. To… Backendless Is a Badass MBaaS

We recently spoke with The New Stack about Backendless. One of their biggest takeaways: …this is what could set Backendless apart from many other mBaaS providers: The spectrum of services is only part of a larger environment designed to host a marketplace of developer defined services. Read the full article here.