Code Generation

At A Glance

Code generation by Backendless can help you get started with mobile and web development in just a few clicks. Supported client-side environments include Android, iOS, JavaScript and Flutter. You can generate simple “starter” projects that are pre-configured with all the required dependencies, or select from a variety of options for your desired output from the Code Generator. For example, you can generate and download a fully functional chat app that uses the Backendless Publish/Subscribe API.

Code Generation

Multiple Client Types

Backendless lets you instantly generate client-side code to try a variety of features first-hand. You can generate code for several client-side environments including Android, iOS, JavaScript, and Flutter. Generated projects come complete with source code, project files, and all required dependencies. You can download, compile, and run the code to try a feature without any modifications at all.

Registration And Login

Backendless will automatically generate a user registration form for your app including a login page and, optionally, login integration with Facebook and Twitter. The generated form is built directly from the Users table in the Backendless database, where the columns you create become fields in the form. For example, if you have a column for a user’s date of birth, Backendless Code Generator will include a field for that column in the registration form. Registration and login code generators are available for the Android, iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Flutter and JavaScript client-side environments.

Database Access Code

While our Data APIs are already very easy to use, the CRUD code generator makes it even easier. Backendless generates a client-side library that uses our APIs and provides an object-oriented collection of classes for your data model. Every data table in the database is represented by a class in the generated project. Each class contains additional methods, simplifying the process of working with the corresponding data table. Additionally, Backendless can generate a sample app that demonstrates how to use the code in action. Simply run the app to see the power of Backendless CRUD.

Generate File Management Apps

Backendless offers a simple-yet-powerful file upload and management API. Our code generator produces a sample app that demonstrates the File Upload API and other APIs for managing your directories and files in your Backendless account.

Generate Chat Apps

Real-time messaging and push notifications are great tools for creating chat apps. To try these features for yourself, Backendless Code Generator can create complete Android, iOS, Flutter, and JS chat apps. The generated apps are automatically connected to your Backendless backend, so no additional coding or modification is needed to run the app on your devices or simulator to see real-time chat in action.

Geo Browser

If your app relies on geolocation, you can see the power of Backendless geospatial data by generating a sample geo browser app. The generated app can perform geo searches and visualize the search results on a map. This is a very useful feature if you are just getting started with the Geo API or need help debugging a query.

Custom Code Generator

Backendless supports code generator extensibility, meaning you can build and deploy your own code generators. For example, you could build a custom code generator that creates a data model diagram for the tables in your Backendless Database. A code generator is simply a collection of XSLT scripts, and we give you a framework to follow to make development easier. When your code generator is ready, deployment is as easy as copying files into your file repository. Your deployed code generators immediately appear in your Backendless Console.