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What is a Codeless Timer

About Timers

Backendless Timers contain server-side business logic which executes according to a schedule. A timer schedule is configured by the application developer/administrator and instructs Backendless to launch the timer's logic at the pre-defined time/day/date/week/month. A timer can use the Backendless API to work with the data/users/files in the Backendless storage, execute any kind of business logic and communicate with external services/resources.

What is a Codeless Timer

A codeless timer is implemented with the Backendless Codeless logic. A developer uses the Codeless Logic Designer to add logic to a Backendless timer. For example, the following codeless timer runs daily


the timer's logic retrieves reminder objects due today from the database (the ToDo table) and sends an email to those responsible for the item: