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What is a Codeless API Service

An API Service is a logical unit with one or more API endpoints. These endpoints are available in two formats:

  • via HTTP REST endpoint URI
  • via native SDK

The logic of a Codeless API service is created with the Backendless Codeless Logic Designer. A service is identified by a name and must contain at least one operation/method. An operation has a name which must be unique within the service, optionally there may be method arguments and it may explicitly declare a REST route. When a service is deployed, Backendless generates an API endpoint for each operation. If you are not familiar with these concepts, do not worry, most of them are optional - you will still be able to create API services without any coding.

Backendless automatically generates both REST endpoints and native SDKs for the deployed service logic. Access to an API Service is secured by Backendless security, where individual service operations can be granted or denied access for application's users and roles. Additionally, Backendless gathers analytics for the service' API usage. The diagram below visually demonstrates these concepts: