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Messaging Event Handlers

Send Email API


*argument blocks: *

Request Subject - subject line of the email message.

Request BodyParts - a collection of the bodypart objects. For the details on the bodypart structure see the 'Request Body' section of the Send Email API documentation.

Request Recipients - a collection of email addresses where the email will be sent to.

Request Attachments - a collection of file paths (from the Backendless File Storage). The referenced files will be attached to the email message.


return value block:

Response Result - a MessageStatus object with the id assigned to the request.

Device Registration API (for Push Notifications)


*argument blocks: *

Request DeviceRegistration - a device registration object containing device type, id and token. For the details on the object structure see the Request Body section of the Device Registration API.


return value block:


Subscribe for PubSub Messages API


*argument blocks: *

Request Channel - name of the channel to subscribe to.

Request Options - subscription options object. For additional details see the Request Body section of the Message Subscription API documentation.


return value block:

Response SubscriptionId - an ID assigned to the subscription. Can be used to poll for messages or to cancel the subscription.

Publish a Message (used for Pub/Sub and/or Push Notification message delivery)


*argument blocks: *

Request Message - message object or a primitive value to publish.

Request Publish Options - a publish options object. For additional details see the Request Body section of the Message Publish API documentation.

Request Delivery Options - a delivery options object. For additional details see the Request


return value block:

Response PublishStatus - a MessageStatus object containing message ID and message publish status. The ID can be used to retrieve message status.

Poll for Messages (Pub/Sub)


*argument blocks: *

Request SubscriptionId - a subscriptionId identifying the subscription to get any pending pub/sub messages for.


return value block:

Response Messages - a collection of messages returned from the server.

Cancel Published Message


*argument blocks: *

Request MessageId - ID of a message to cancel.


return value block:

Response MessageStatus - a message status object containing the status of the cancellation operation.