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General Blocks

These blocks are present for all event handlers:

  • Application ID - id of the application in which context the event handler is invoked.
  • User ID - objectId of the currently logged in user whose identity is used to make the API call which triggered the event handler. A value for this parameter is not present if there is no logged in user (or if the user-token header is not passed for the REST invocations).

  • User Roles - ¬†an array/list of the role names of the logged-in user (if any) who made the API call.

  • User Token - value of the user-token header sent by the client application when making an API call.

  • Device Type - the type of the device (as a string value) which made the API invocation. Possible values are "IOS", "ANDROID", "JS", "REST", "BL" (business logic)

  • Request Headers - HTTP headers sent by the client application when invoking the API.