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Manual Setup

Use the instructions below to configure a new project for developing custom server-side code in JavaScript with Backendless CodeRunner™:

  1. Create a new directory which will contain your project.
  2. Create a file named package.json with the following contents (make sure to substitute APPNAME with the name of your client project, the final value cannot have any spaces):

  "name": "APPNAME-servercode",  
  "version": "1.0.0",  
  "scripts": {  
    "debug": "coderunner debug",  
    "deploy": "coderunner deploy"  
  "devDependencies": {  
    "backendless-coderunner": "^4.3.0"  
1. Create a file named coderunner.jsonwith the following contents:

  "backendless": {  
    "apiServer": "",  
    "msgBroker": {  
      "host": "",  
      "port": 6379  
  "app": {  
    "id": "APP-ID",  
    "apiKey": "CODE_RUNNER_API_KEY",  
    "exclude": [  
1. Make sure to replace the following "substitution variables" with specific values:

APP-ID        - application ID for your Backendless backend.  You can obtain this value in Backendless console on the Manage > App Settings screen.
CODE_RUNNER_API_KEY - Code Runner API key from the Manage > App Settings screen in Backendless console.
1. Install Backendless CodeRunner dependency by running the following command from the root of your project directory:

npm install