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Backendless Custom Business Logic is a system designed to allow extensibility and customization of an app backend with custom server-side code. Using Business Logic developers can override and extend the built-in Backendless services or deploy custom API services. The system supports the following types of custom business logic:

API Services
Hosted Services
These services are created based on the deployed Java and JavaScript/Node.js code. For each service Backendless automatically generates REST routes and native SDKs.
Quick Start Guide
Imported Services
These services are created from an external definition such as a WSDL or RAML document or AWS Lambda Functions.
API Event Handlers
This is the code overriding or extending behavior of the built-in Backendless services (User, Data, Geo, etc services).
Quick Start Guide
Java or Javascript/Node.js code which runs according to a schedule.


IMPORTANT: Backendless Custom Business logic must be compiled with the Java 8 compiler.

The diagram below illustrates all business logic components within Backendless. The green blocks represent custom server-side code: