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What is Codeless?

Codeless is a new and exciting alternative to creating code without a programming language. Using an intuitive user interface you express the logic for the tasks while operating with basic programming constructs such as loops, objects, variables represented by graphical blocks. A user does not need to know the syntax of a programming language or understand the lower-level programming complexities. All that is required is an understanding of the algorithm you would be composing graphically.

Consider the following example which contains a loop with 10 iterations. Each iteration of the loop saves an object in the Backendless database:


Codeless can be used for:

  • Developing general purpose or specialized API Services, microservices and IoT services.
  • Adding business logic to a Backendless application in the form of API Event Handlers.
  • Adding logic for scheduled server-side jobs (timers) which run accordingly to a schedule.
  • Implementing reusable libraries of logic.
  • Learning basic and advanced programming techniques.

The Codeless development environment is built into Backendless Console. You can compose logic and test it right in your Backendless backend. Codeless API services, event handlers and timers are processed and handled the same way as those developed with a programming language. In fact, any logic composed with Codeless is translated into JavaScript, therefore from the execution perspective, it is equally functional, scalable and secure.

The Codeless system supports the entire set of the Backendless APIs. Every supported API operation is represented by a dedicated block. As a result, Codeless can be used to create complex, specialized business logic for a Backendless application. For example, the logic below retrieves an object representing a person from the Backendless database and sends an email to the email address from the object: