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Retrieving User Roles By User ID


This operation can be used to retrieve custom and system roles assigned to a user.

This functionality can be used only in CloudCode (Java, JS or Codeless), the reason for this restriction is that a malicious use of this API can easily compromise application's security. As a result, this API must be used from a controlled environment. For information about the API select either Android/Java or JS documentation.

Codeless Reference



Argument                Description
user id Unique identifier of the user account to retrieve all roles assigned to the user.


This Codeless block is only available in CloudCode due to the security reasons. If this operation is exposed to users, then your application can be compromised.

Returns a list containing all roles associated with the user.

Consider the following record in the Users data table:


The example below retrieves all roles of the user "" associated with the user id(objectId): "``4D584E4D-05A3-4AC4-90C7-B80D1584E7AD``".


The output will look as shown below after the Codeless logic runs: