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Migrating App Data

The process of migrating application data and files from 3.x to 5.0 is:

  1. Export application from Backendless Cloud. Login to Backendless Console for your Cloud-based backend and select the app. You will see the "Migrate to Backendless 4.0" button:
  2. Click the Migrate to Backendless 4.0 button. You will see the following popup. If you have more than one version in your Backendless Cloud backend, make sure to select the version for which Backendless will prepare a migration archive. The reason a version must be selected is because 4.0 uses the one-version-per-app approach:
  3. Select a version and click "Create migration archive for 4.0". The first step in replicating your app in 4.0 is creating a "migration archive". Backendless creates two archives, one with data and another with files. The data archive contains the entire backend. It includes, application settings, data table schemas, data objects, users, security roles, all security permissions, business logic, geopoints and geofences.  To initiate creation of the migration archives, click the "Create migration archive for 4.0" button.
  4. Download archives. Backendless starts preparing the migration archive and will send out an email as soon as the data and file archives are ready. The archives are placed into the /migration-to-4 directory in the File storage of your app. You will see two files with the names matching the following patterns:


  5. Create an application in the version 5 of the Backendless. You can do that by switching to version 5 (see the arrows icon next to the Backendless logo in the developer console) and creating an app there.

  6. Upload file archive into the 5.0 app. Open Backendless Console for 5.0 and select the app where you will import the data/files. It is recommended to start with a blank/new app to avoid any conflicts during the import. Select the Files section in Backendless console and upload the "files" archive into the root directory. This can be done either by using the Upload File menu or by drag-and-drop of the file into Console. Once the file is uploaded, the console will appear similar to the image below:
  7. Upload "Data" archive into the 5.0 app. Click the Manage icon, then click Import. Click the Browse button located next to "Backendless app" and browse to the "data" archive downloaded from Backendless Cloud. Once the file is selected, click the IMPORT button at the bottom of the screen to initiate the import process:
  8. Migration is complete. Once Backendless 5.0 finishes processing the data, it will send out an email informing you of the results. You can see the migration progress or its status after it is complete in the migration log available in the Files section of your app: