Backendless Push Notifications

backendless push notifications - Backendless Push Notifications

Push Notifications let you keep your application users engaged. You can drive the traffic to your application by delivering important updates, inform users about application state changes, initiate chat sessions, etc.

Backendless simplifies the process of delivering push notifications to all major mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) by offering a unified API that works the same way across all devices and mobile operating systems. Using the API, application developers can publish mobile Push Notifications which Backendless can deliver to the connected devices.

The API also includes support for targeted delivery where a message can be sent only to a subset of devices (grouped by OS or otherwise) or a specific device.

The video below provides an overview of Backendless Push Notifications:

Push Notification API

The API consists of two parts: registering a device so it is ready to receive push notifications and publishing a notification:

Device registration from:

Send a Push Notification to:from


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Backendless Console

The console provides a variety оf management facilities to administer messaging channels and connected devices. Developers can manage permissions for messaging related operations for application roles and registered users.

The screenshot below shows a list of devices connected to an application. Developer can search devices, remove registrations or publish push notifications to the selected devices:

device list1 1024x479 - Backendless Push Notifications

To publish a push notification, use the Message Publish panel:

message publish - Backendless Push Notifications