Unlocking The Free Springboard Plan

Unlock the free Springboard Plan

The Backendless Springboard Plan is our development plan. With the Springboard Plan, you can freely develop your application with the same (and in some cases, higher) limits as the Cloud 99 Plan.. Learn how to unlock the Springboard Plan below.

The Springboard Plan offers the same limits as the Cloud 99 Plan, and in some instances even higher limits. That means you can build your app with the same flexibility of the Cloud 99 Plan – without any recurring payments.

The only limitation of the Springboard Plan is that it is designed for development only. As such, it is missing one key element – Super Scaling.

What is Super Scaling

Backendless is the most scalable low-code and no-code backend platform. When you launch your app on Backendless Cloud, you can be confident that you can scale virtually at will. No matter how fast you grow, our infrastructure and the Backendless technology stack will be there to support you.

This scalability is limited to paid Cloud plans, however. The Cloud 9 plan (and up) offers a feature known as Super Scaling. Super Scaling is what allows your app to handle nearly unlimited traffic and API calls, enabling you to scale unhindered.

Plan pricing and Super Scaling

Super Scaling is the key element of the Backendless architecture. It is responsible for making sure there is an available computing resource that can handle an incoming request.

Without Super Scaling, API requests received from multiple users may end up in a processing queue or may be rejected. This may happen even with light traffic from only a few users.

However, when Super Scaling is enabled, it can support significant volume or API calls which can be calculated in tens of thousands of requests per second.

How to Unlock the Springboard Plan

There are two way to unlock the Springboard Plan – one is free, the other via a one-time purchase.

To unlock the Springboard Plan for free, you simply need to complete the first half of the Backendless Missions map, pictured below. Once you unlock the Springboard Plan, you can activate it on any one app on your account.

(This can be done only once and it applies only to one of your apps.)

Missions Map at Launch of v6

Alternatively, if you have already used your free unlocked plan or you want to add another app to the plan, you can do so by purchasing the Springboard shortcut from the Backendless Marketplace.

Springboard shortcut in Backendless Marketplace

Once purchased, the plan will apply to the app you purchase it with. Once you purchase the Shortcut, switch to the Manage > Billing section of Backendless Console and make sure to switch the plan of your app to Springboard.

While on the Springboard Plan, the app incurs no monthly charges until you choose to switch to another plan.