Ski Patrol is a mobile application used by Winter Park ski patrollers. The application is developed by Gary Meyer and uses Backendless mBaaS for the backend functionality. We met with Mr. Meyer to discuss his app, what it does and his experience building an app with Backendless.

GMO mBaaS is a service by GMO Internet. The service is powered by Backendless and provides the mBaaS functionality for the GMO customers. We met with the company’s General Manager to discuss GMO mBaaS launch, why Backendless was chosen for the platform and the future for the service.

This is an introductory video for Backendless API Engine – a product from the Backendless Platform. With API Engine developers can easily obtain REST and native APIs for deployed  services, which run in the infinitely scalable platform.

This video demonstrates the functionality of Backendless API Engine. You will see how to deploy a service, test generated APIs, version the deployed service, assign security permissions and obtain the Swagger API document for the service.

We met with Simon McCorkindale, a co-founder of FUNX, a Japanese game development company. We discussed what the company does and what their experiences are with building Backendless-powered apps.

This video reviews the REST API for removing relations between data objects stored in the Backendless Data Storage.

This video demonstrates a Backendless feature which let’s you restrict access to static and dynamic file content in Backendless File Storage. Using the feature files can be downloaded only by registered and authenticated users.

This video describes a recipe for injecting custom server-side logic which executes when a data object property changes. The reviewed approach describes the process of creating an event handler using code generator, inserting custom logic, debugging it locally and publishing to production.

Creating a Backendless application is very easy. You can do that using the Backendless Console. Watch this video for an overview of how to get started with the platform.

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