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Bring out your child's untapped potential for genius by strengthening and increasing the connections between the left and right brain hemispheres with Digital Copel!

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About Digital Copel

Digital Copel is packed full of fun and educational lessons for young children ages 0-6 – although the app developer guarantees older children and adults alike will also find them challenging! All the lessons are based on Copel’s original curriculum. Using their specialized knowledge and experience in early childhood learning, they have been constantly developing all their own educational material for the Japanese market over the past 20 years. Now as they are starting to expand globally, app developers are proud to bring you both the English and Japanese versions.

This app includes a huge variety of games, quizzes and other lessons such as flashcards, memory tests, writing lessons, puzzles, listening comprehension, matching shapes and many more. Children can enjoy playing by themselves but we also recommend that parents play with their children together sometimes so you can both benefit from this unique learning experience.

Copel’s core concept is to teach children the fun of learning right from the early age, as this is when they start to develop a sense of curiosity. When they have fun learning, that is when their potential can best be nurtured. The lessons are intentionally short in order to keep the child concentrating throughout the lessons.

Each month the app is updated with with many more lessons. Eventually thousands of educational materials will be digitized! Copel has over 10,000 flashcards and another 2,000 different types of activities.

You need apples to play the lessons in the app. Each time you play a lesson you consume one apple. You start off with 6 apples and those 6 are replenished for each day that you open the app. There are also various in-app purchases and subscriptions available to suit every budget:

– Buy apples as you go in lots of 5, 30, 50 or 80
– Or, become a monthly subscriber, for which we offer 4 flexible plans:

  1. Monthly subscription (normal)
    Gives you 300 apples each month.
  2. Premium subscription
    All you can play! Premium Subscribers don’t consume apples so you have totally unrestricted gameplay.
  3. Copel Classroom Member subscription
    This is the same as Premium Subscribers but at a discounted price for people who are enrolled as Copel Classroom Members (you need to sign up through Copel for this).
  4. Special Member subscription
    The same as Premium Subscribers but the first month is free for selected people.

* Each subscription will be billed monthly to your iTunes Account and auto-renew until such time that you cancel the it from within iTunes.

You may contact the app developer for more information and/or support at
Digital Copel is published by Acrodea and developed by FUNX.