Backendless Pro Quick Start Guide

This guide will get you up and running with Backendless Pro - a special packaging of the Backendless Platform that lets you run it on your own computer. By the end of the guide you will have a complete installation of the product as well as a client application communicating with the backend.

Download (Optional Step)

Backendless Pro is available with a native installer for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. There is also a virtual machine with the product pre-installed and configured to run on it. Finally, Backendless Pro can be launched in Amazon, Google or Oracle clouds.

If you plan to install the product on your computer, Download the virtual machine or an installer for your operating system.


If you downloaded an installer, run it per the instructions for your operating system. Make a note of the server address on step 7.

To launch Backendless in the Amazon, Google or Oracle cloud, visit the Backendless Pro launchpad page. Make sure to record the server address.

The server address is important and will be used in the next step.

Build Client App

Follow the quick start for the client app: Android, iOS, JavaScript.

IMPORTANT: make sure to set the API endpoint URL in your application, per the instructions for configuring SDKs with Backendless Pro.