Official Release of GMO mBaaS powered by Backendless

Frisco, Tx, May, 21, 2015  – A major Japanese internet services company GMO Internet Group has announced today a service called “GMO mBaaS powered by Backendless”. The service is a dedicated, white-label installation of  Backendless platform customized for the Japan  market."GMO mbaas powered by Backendless"

GMO mBaaS powered by Backendless is  a result of a fruitful partnership between Backendless Corp. and GMO Internet Group. The latter is one of the most comprehensive providers of industry-leading Internet Services in Japan. This partnership started in 2014 just after completion of the Group’s precise exploration of mBaaS market offerings. Backendless surpassed the rivals’ proposals by the criteria of reliability, feature set, simplicity and flexibility as well as by various aspect of data security issues. The partnership gave birth to a new service by GMO Internet which has been already available in public free Beta version from January 2015 in Japan.

The official release of GMO mBaaS provides a broad set of the Mobile Application Development Platform features powered by the Backendless Platform. In conjunction with other features and services of GMO, the provider emphasizes multi-platform SDKs, a complete package of the backend functionality, powerful push notification capabilities and media streaming, custom logic functionality for customization of the mBaaS features.