Office Hours with Mark Piller

by on August 15, 2022
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Join us most Wednesdays for Office Hours with Backendless Founder and CEO Mark Piller.

Office Hours begins with a demo and short presentation showcasing a feature or use case of the Backendless Platform. Afterwards, Mark will answer all of your technical questions about Backendless, often with a live demo.

Each one-hour Office Hours webinar will be recorded and published to the Backendless YouTube channel for you to watch again at your leisure.

Upcoming Events


Office Hours #6

Date: August 17th, 2022

Feature presentation: TBD


Register here.

6th Office Hours 08-17-22

Previous Event Recordings

Office Hours #5

Date: August 10th, 2022

Mark breaks down the release of the Cloud Enterprise Plan.

The plan introduces four huge enterprise-grade security features:

Office Hours #4

Date: July 20th, 2022

Backendless engineer and the principle architect of UI Builder joins Mark to showcase the newest feature in UI Builder – Custom Components.

Vladimir expands upon his in-depth writeup on the topic. He shows how to build a simple component as well as exploring the purpose and goals of the feature.

Office Hours #2

Date: June 29th, 2022

  • 0:00:000:33:21 – Featured topic – The Power of Data Binding
  • 0:33:210:35:48 – Which CSS properties can be modified in UI Builder components?
  • 0:35:480:37:45 – How to define a non-primary color in CSS
  • 0:37:450:38:41 – How to assign a border to each Repeater container
  • 0:38:410:40:07 – Are the Repeater and Data Container check boxes mutually exclusive?
  • 0:40:070:42:08 – How to “audit” or see a snapshot of the existing data models/properties in a UI Builder page
  • 0:42:080:45:32 – How to improve page speed on an existing UI Builder page that has become complex
  • 0:45:320:47:42 – How to add a border to a container component
  • 0:47:420:52:13 – How to check if a relationship exists between objects and perform logic based on that condition

Office Hours #1

Date: June 22th, 2022

  • 02:0124:14 – Topic of the Day Presentation on Structuring a No-Code To-Do app
  • 24:1426:55 – Q&A: Code, Test, Deploy cycle – what is the best practice?
  • 26:5531:56 – How to dynamically set CSS properties of a UI element
  • 31:5635:26 – How to scroll page to a component and how to set focus on a component
  • 35:2636:21 – How to internationalize a UI Builder interface
  • 36:2140:30 – How to navigate from one page to another and pass data
  • 40:3046:45 – How to use the Logging API
  • 46:4553:47 – How to publish a UI Builder app into the app stores
  • 53:4754:47 – Is it possible to ensure that the backend calls come from the generated UI pages?
  • 54:4755:26 – Is there a limit for the number of API Services in various pricing plans?
  • 55:2657:19 – Can UI components be reused across apps?
  • 57:1957:59 – What are the pricing implications of app cloning?
  • 57:5901:03:00 – With multiple forms on a page, how to show a specific form based on a condition
  • 01:03:0001:04:56 – What is the best way to create queues of data for processing?
  • 01:04:5601:07:21 – Is it possible to generate a CSV file from a database query?

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