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    • A function pack can be uninstalled at any time and a prorated amount will be credit back to your account.

    • A loyalty credit can be applied to adjust balance for purchases made from the Marketplace. Loyalty credits can be earned by educating users about the value of Backendless, participating in conferences, recording training videos, writing blog posts and examples and ultimately developing Backendless-powered apps.

    • A “Function Pack” is an extension which either removes or increases a functional limit in the Free version of Backendless Cloud. For example, one of the functional limits is 20 gigabytes of file storage. The limit can be increased by purchasing a Function Pack of additional 20 gigabytes.

    • Since Backendless Cloud is a free service, the only purchases would be from Backendless Marketplace. These purchases require a credit card, however, one can offset the balance by using loyalty points.

      Backendless Standalone requires a commercial license only for the multi-server/instance/vm deployments. We accept credit card, check, wire transfer or a purchase order.

    • The only version of Backendless with functional limitations is “Backendless Cloud”. We offer the service free of charge and inherently needed to build in some limitations such as number of active monthly users, available file space, number of push notifications. See the complete list of the limitations. Every single functional limit can be increased or removed by purchasing a Function Pack from the Backendless Marketplace. See the complete list of available Function Packs.

    • The Standalone Backendless does not have any limitations whatsoever (as long as it is not used to create a competing solution). It can be deployed free of charge as long as the deployment is restricted to a single machine, VM or a cloud instance.

    • To increase or remove any of the functional limits, you need to purchase a corresponding Function Pack from the Backendless Marketplace. Some functional packs are available on the monthly subscription basis. For example, one can purchase additional 20 gigabytes of the file storage space for $1.00/month. This would be a recurring charge which provide the additional file space. Similarly, for any other functional limit, there would be a Function Pack available in the store.

    • No, a function pack may need to be added only one time. Once it is added, the “Auto Purchase” option can be turned on. The auto-purchase instructs Backendless to automatically purchase additional function packs to further increase the limit. For example, there is a free limit of 100 monthly active users. The limit can be increased by additional 1000 monthly users for $1.00/month. This means your new limit is 1100 users (100 free and 1000 paid). Suppose your app is growing and you are approaching the 1100 monthly active users limit. Rather than going to Backendless Marketplace every time to buy more “1000 users” Function Pack, you can enable the “Auto Purchase” option for the existing Function Pack purchase. If you do that, Backendless will automatically execute purchases for you when the limit is reached.