XCode Setup

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XCode must be configured with a provisioning profile. Follow the instructions below to set it up:

1.Login to Apple Developer Member Center and select “All” under Provisioning Profiles. Click the plus button “+” to create a new profile:
2.Select the “iOS App Development” profile type:
3.Click Continue. On the next screen select the App ID which was created earlier:
4. Click Continue. Select the users/certificates which will be included into the profile.
5.Click Continue. Select the devices to include into the profile.
6.Click Continue. Enter a name to assign to the profile and click Generate:
7.Download the profile:
8.Once the provisioning profile is downloaded, locate it in the file system and double click to install it in the iPhone Configuration Utility.
9.If your iOS application is going to use Apple Push Notifications (APN), you will want to use this push notification-enabled profile to deploy your application to your device. For that to happen, the application’s bundle identifier must match the profile’s App ID. In Xcode, select the project from the project navigator and the target from the editor area. Then, select the Info pane and locate the Bundle Identifier key. Change it to exactly match the App ID in the provisioning profile you just created. (This value is case-sensitive!)
10.One more step and your client application will be ready to receive push notifications. In the Build Settings pane, locate the Code Signing Identity setting. Click the value column for this setting and select the Notified provisioning profile from the list. (There are a number of sub-items in this setting. Changing the top-level item should also change all of the sub-items. However, if you have previously set a sub-item’s values to something other than its parent’s setting, you may need to change it individually) Code Signing Identity setting looks like the one:
Now you can build and run the application on a device.

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