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Data Messaging is an essential function of mobile and desktop applications. It can be used for a multitude of functions including chat or private messaging, system update broadcast, maintaining game scores, etc. The Backendless Messaging Service provides API and software infrastructure enabling publish-subscribe message exchange pattern and mobile push notifications. The service consists of the following core concepts: channels, publishers, subscribers and registered devices:

channel                -  a logical medium "carrying" the messages.
publisher        - a program using the Publishing API to send messages to a channel.
subscriber        - a program using the Subscription API to receive messages from a channel.
registered device        - a mobile device registered with a Backendless channel to receive push notifications.


Publish-Subscribe Messaging

With the publish-subscribe pattern, one part of the code (or an entire application) can subscribe to receive messages and another publishes messages. A message can be any data - Backendless supports messages of primitive or complex data types. To enable publish-subscribe messaging, Backendless supports the concept of a channel. Subscriptions are "attached" to a channel (or multiple channels) and messages are published into a channel. By default Backendless sends all messages published into a channel to all the channel's subscribers. However, a subscription can include message filters, in this case Backendless delivers only the messages matching the filter.


Push Notifications

A message published to a channel can be tagged as a push notification, thus triggering the logic for distributing it to the registered devices. Backendless supports push notifications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Messages published as push notifications can target either a specific subscriber (as a device) or a group of subscribers. Subscribers can be grouped by operating system (for example, a message sent to all registered iOS devices) or as a collection of individual registrations. The Backendless messaging API supports different types of push notifications - badge updates, alerts, etc.

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