API Services Overview

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Backendless API Engine is a product integrated into the Backendless Platform. It is responsible for converting arbitrary code into API services and providing a container where the code/service runs. API Engine consists of a development and runtime environments facilitating development, deployment and runtime operations of the services.


API Engine supports two types of services: hosted and imported. The former type represents services whose code runs in the API Engine container. The latter is for the services running elsewhere, for which API Engine becomes a proxy providing code generation, security and analytics functions.


For the hosted service, the workflow of using API Engine is very straight-forward:

1.Developer writes the service code;
2.Locally debugs and tests it;
3.Uses a command line utility or Backendless Console to deploy the code;


Once the code is deployed, API Engine automatically generates native client-side SDKs for the service and publishes the REST API routes for the service operations. At the present moment API Engine can generates API services from Java and PHP code. We are working on expanding support for other server-side languages.


The diagram below illustrates main components of API Engine and its relationship with other products of the Backendless Platform:


API Engine components in the diagram correspond to the main functions and features of the product:

Service Generator - converts code into an API service, generates REST API and enabled Swagger integration;
Client SDK Generator - generates native client-side SDKs for the services;
API Inspector - graphical interface for inspecting and testing generated APIs;
Service Version Manager - manages service versions, enables concurrent usage of multiple versions of the same service;


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