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Backendless Pro is a build of the Backendless Platform which provides a self-managed installation of the product. The product is available for a variety of operating systems and the cloud environments. Once installed, the product provides the complete Backendless Platform functionality with a few exceptions.


Backendless Pro does not have any of the limits associated with the plans available in the Cloud Edition of the product. In fact, all limits are configurable to match the demands of your application. The product architecture consists of multiple components which can run on a single computer or a virtual machine. However, it is recommended to plan a deployment that allows for scalability and fault-tolerance.


The standard installation of Backendless Pro consists of the components shown in the diagram below:


Web Server - an Apache web server provides the function of processing the API and management console requests.
Application server - implements core services, manages and schedules custom business logic execution.
Persistent Storage - stores application data and application analytics.
Redis - the server is used for caching purposes, inter-process data exchange and shared configuration. Additionally Redis is used as an intermediary storage for scheduling autonomous tasks executed by Task Managers and Code Runners.
Task Manager - Backendless Task Manager is responsible for autonomous task execution for parallel/distributed processing.
CodeRunner - a container process enabling execution of custom business logic.




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