Backendless Raises Cloud Code Deployment Limits

by on April 22, 2020

New Cloud Code Deployment Limits

  • Backendless increased the limits on Cloud Code deployment size for the Cloud 9 and Cloud 99 plans.
  • Now, developers can deploy more of their business logic and dependencies.
  • The new limit for Cloud 9 is 20 MB and for Cloud 99 is 100 MB.

We are excited to announce that, effective immediately, the Cloud Code deployment size limit in Cloud 9 and Cloud 99 plans has been increased. This increase will allow developers on those plans to deploy more of their business logic and dependencies without needing to purchase additional function packs. The new limit for Cloud 9 is 20 MB, a 300% increase from the previous limit of 5 MB. The limit for Cloud 99 increased tenfold from 10 MB to 100 MB.

“We are committed to bringing developers the best service we can for their money,” said Mark Piller, CEO of Backendless. “This limit increase will give developers even more flexibility when building an app with a Backendless server side.”

We have released a number of new features in April, including Generated Columns, Smart Text for Push Notifications, Codeless Changelog, and Property Extraction and Conversion Functions. We continue to release new features as we approach the release of version 6 of our platform.

Backendless is a leading mBaaS and Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that enables rapid development of feature-rich mobile, desktop, and browser-based applications. The Platform provides a reliable and secure server infrastructure, broad server-side functionality of data persistence, user management, publish/subscribe messaging and push notifications, geolocation, and other mobile backend services. The Platform’s strong core services in conjunction with a variety of unique features and dedication to ongoing innovation make Backendless the most attractive choice for the global developer community.

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