How to Create a Chat App that Supports Images (Part 2)
In this series of articles, we are going to show you how to make a beautiful chat app that supports sending, editing, and deleting messages with both text and images. We will show you how to build a highly functional frontend (in this example, for iOS) that connects seamlessly with a Backendless backend. You can…

Backendless and Acrodea Form a Strategic Partnership

Backendless partnered with Acrodea to enter the Japanese and Korean mobile application development markets.

New release – New pricing plans, Video Streaming for Android, Counter and Caching APIs, REST Test Drive

I am very excited to report that we have an amazing new release with some very cool functionality ready for you. Among the new features you will find support for video streaming and broadcasting for Android, support for Atomic Counters and Caching API.¬†Additionally, we have revised our pricing to give you more choices and more…